AI in Marketing: Is AI the Future of Digital Marketing?

Do you hear the word AI (Artificial Intelligence) everywhere and anywhere you go? The word is so popular right now that maybe you are even searching for it yourself. Every time you search the internet your search about either evolving concepts in AI or if AI will take over the human jobs in near future. Now, with the advanced machine learning and data analytics concept AI is impacting almost every field. 

Creative fields like graphic designing, copywriting, and marketing are also getting impacted. The only big debate about AI is whether it will not able to have the cognitive function as the human brain does. Which is very important in communication, decision making, learning, and understanding emotions. However, AI is getting advanced day by day and it can now even provide its input in the creative works. AI can create a design for you, write a copy, and even suggest to you the best communication strategies for pitching clients and marketing. So now, what are these tools that can make your everyday design thinking, content creation, and other creative tasks easier and faster? Towards the end of this blog, we will talk about some cool AI marketing apps that can help you create cool designs, concepts for content, and even a sales copy. 

AI is the new trend in digital marketing. It is a cool concept that uses data and customer profiles to understand how to properly engage with consumers, and then give them customized messages at the perfect moment even without creative staff direct intervention, guaranteeing optimal productivity. AI marketing is one of today's most popular options for bridging the gap among vast volumes of consumer data acquired and meaningful next actions that can be used in future marketing campaigns. Any marketing campaign's success hinges on the use of artificial intelligence (AI). As a consequence, businesses that fully utilize AI will have a competitive advantage over their competitors. 

In digital marketing, copywriting, design, and concept creation along with data analysis are the most essential skill. And with the help of all these cool technologies, you can achieve efficiency in digital marketing tasks. Saying this it would be better to say that, AI brings more opportunities than threats. So, coming back to the concern we discussed earlier, the most generic concern of today’s market, will AI take over digital marketing? To some extent yes, it will take over the jobs that are more redundant and will leave space for the human mind to be creative.

Basically, it will let humans do human things which are working more on a strategic level to understand customer behavior, and consumer psychology and helps you to work on your creativity. Marketers can notice patterns and anticipate them in the future with help of AI marketing tools and technologies. They may then make judgments about how to distribute their funds and whom companies might target depending on these statistics. Brands may save money as well as time and effort on digital advertising by focusing their efforts on high-value projects. Sounds interesting right?

Check the cool AI tools for enhancing your marketing work.

Copysmith Ai is artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting tool that promises to write high-converting advertising, marketing content, newsletters, and many more. All of it can be created just in seconds! If you are looking for a tool to make your writing job easy and faster this is the tool for you. Copysmith is an AI-based content creator which produces descriptions using GPT-3. A group of copywriters, marketing specialists, and AI specialists from global IT companies created this platform.

If you are a digital marketer or a copywriter  and  want to try it here is a link to Copysmith AI:

The free trial is for three days and requires no credit card information. The monthly fee starts at $19.

Designs. Ai

The goal of is to use artificial intelligence to enhance creativity. To create design accessible to everyone, it employs unique AI technologies. It's an AI tool that allows you to make amazing images, engaging movies, bespoke logos, and intelligent mockups. You may invite your co-workers to participate in your projects using Design AI's simple collaborative function. 

Designs.Ai is able in four subscription tiers: free, basic, pro, and enterprise.

If you are interested you can check the website for more information. 

Market Muse

This tool is AI-powered content research, intelligence, and writing tool, a great tool for marketers. It will help you raise your publishing rate, create content-driven customer journeys, and be found by the right market segment. It can be known as content creation AI. This marketing tool identifies the right keyword for you so that you can target the right market in order to rank in various subject categories and suggests keywords to pursue if you wish to own specific themes. It also identifies and ranks content gaps and opportunities based on their likely influence on your rankings.

They have three different packages depending on your requirement free, standard and premium.

If it sounds like an interesting tool you can check their website for more information. 

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