Branding- Why is it Necessary?

Branding is an idea or the perception that consumers have about a particular product or service. Branding isn't just a mere combination of brand name, logo, design, but also consumers’ overall experience in regards to your brand. 

In a competitive marketplace, branding is necessary for helping companies differentiate themselves from their competitors, build loyal customer base and get recognized.

Build Loyal Customer Base:

The essence of branding has always been there but it has increased a lot with the craze of social media. Both global and local brands are trying their best to make a unique presence online. Since consumers get exposed to multiple brands, they have the power to research and find the best brands for themselves. With this consumers can switch brands easily. However, with strong branding, your customers will always be loyal towards your brand. 

Build Recognition:

One of the reasons why businesses invest so much in branding is to get recognized. 

One of the good examples of this would be Coca Cola. Rather than promoting its product, Coca Cola spends tons in promoting its brand. Rather than just a soda, we perceive Coke to be a medium that brings families together and share happiness. On the other hand, you may also recognize a brand from the way it's packaged. So even if a person doesn't use your brand, there’s a good chance they’ll recognize your product from the campaigns you've done, your packaging, design etc. 

With a stronger customer base and high brand recognition, you will already have an advantage over your competitors. People will know you for what you rather than what you sell. Thus, you can easily show people how different you are from your competitors.

We hope this article was helpful for you. If you’re looking to start your own company make sure you also focus on building the brand. We at Pocket Studio help companies make their brand stronger as well. Make sure to contact us today to see how we can be of  help!