Digital Marketer’s Favorite: Video Content!  

Since the last three years in digital marketing, the trend of video content is getting quite popular. Given that customers’ have a lesser attention span, brands need to be tricky on how they’ll be getting customers hooked on their products/services. Many brands have been able to do so with Video Contents, as customers are finding videos to be more appealing and informative. If this trend continues, video content will change the game of marketing in the long run. 

Tiktok Video:

Tiktok introduced the short form video making feature which grabbed the attention of the audiences. This feature was quite interesting because now brands only had 15 secs to inform audiences about their products/services. Even though this seems challenging, many businesses have spurred from Tiktok because they were able to grab this opportunity by coming up with interesting ideas to attract, inform, engage and convert prospects into customers. You can now also make TikTok videos up to 5 minutes but audiences still prepare short videos- 15 secs!

Instagram Reels:

With the increasing trend of short videos introduced by Tiktok, Instagram introduced a similar feature called Instagram Reels. Instagram users are now able to create/upload short entertaining videos up to 15secs- 60 secs. Now that users are looking for more entertaining and engaging video content, businesses have begun to embrace the idea of effectively marketing their products/services on this platform as well.

Youtube Shorts:

Since short video format is trending, Youtube also introduced Youtube Shorts that allows people to upload short videos. While Youtube Shorts may be used for entertainment purposes for engaging audiences in general, Youtube as a platform is still considered great for longer video content. Many people use youtube for detailed product reviews, product unboxing, etc. Thus, Youtube will always remain a pioneer in longer video content format. 

Facebook Video:

Facebook has been a great platform for all of us. With its limitless opportunities, a lot of small and big businesses have benefited from it. Many brands create their own Facebook page and upload videos informing customers about their products/services in detail. This not only increases the interaction but also increases brand and product awareness among the customers.Thus, many brands have incorporated Facebook’s video marketing in their digital marketing strategy. 

One way or the other, we see how brands are using each of these platforms to stay relevant and deliver information by entertaining people via video content. We hope this article was helpful for you. Make sure to contact us today to see how we can be of  help!