Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Marketing trends are always debatable but since it's the end of the year, we will be discussing top digital marketing trends that are likely to happen in 2022. 

1. Videos, Videos and Videos!

In today’s digital world, getting customers engaged is such a big deal as their attention span is very less. However, trends have shown that customers are more into video content than in static posts. This is because videos are more appealing and informative. So, brands should incorporate video content in their digital strategy because this trend is going to change the marketing game in 2022.

2. Cookies-no more!

Google recently announced that it would end cookie tracking in early 2022. Even though the idea of tracking users is important for digital marketers, people have been more concerned about their online privacy. So, businesses and advertisers have been trying to find alternatives. Recently, the concept of zero party data collection has been quite popular. Basically in this process, brands receive data directly from customers through online surveys, online interaction or gamification.

3. Tell the story and shine! 

It’s likely that all the brands will be storytellers in 2022. Customers are interested in knowing how you’ve changed lives through your products, rather than what products you have been offering. In other words, brands that showcase their product value in an expressive way are likely to lead the market!

4. User Generated Content- Win-Win for all!

You can never go wrong with the UGC trend!  Leveraging your audience’s content can not only increase your brand’s credibility but overall presence too. In layman’s terms, UGC can either be a user’s review on your product, interaction in a blog article, or a section where your audience's questions are answered. In recent times, you might notice brands reposting stories/ photos of their audiences with their products on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok? Yup, that’s it!

Make the year 2022 all yours by incorporating these trends in your digital strategies. If you know any other possible marketing trends that are likely to happen in 2022, do share your thoughts with us!