Email Marketing - 5 Reasons You Should try E-mail Marketing for Promoting your Business.

What exactly is E-mail Marketing?

Have you ever wondered what E-mail marketing is and how it works? Some even doubt if email marketing still works, if you are also skeptical about email marketing and would like to know more by going through our content, we have covered most of the queries related to email marketing. The use of email to advertise products or services while building relationships with potential consumers or clients is known as email marketing. Aside from order confirmations and direct replies to client inquiries, each time a corporation sends an email for a promotional purpose it can be called email marketing.

What are the types of E-mail Marketing?

Different forms or types of email marketing are used to achieve specific marketing goals. Below is the list of different types of email marketing you can use to promote your business.

1.     Email Newsletters – Building Brand Credibility and Making Announcements

2.     Acquisition Emails – Customer-centric, addressing customers’ needs.

3.     Retention Emails – Customer-centric, addressing customer’s satisfaction

4.     Promotional Emails – Promoting Products or Services also Offers and Campaigns.

If your company is trying to build brand credibility or trying to make an announcement Email Newsletters are the option you would want to follow. Acquisition and retention emails are more customer-centric and they try to address customers’ needs to either onboard them or prevent customer churn. Whereas to promote exciting offers and campaigns you can go for promotional emails.  

How does E-mail Marketing work?

Email service providers (ESPs) are used by businesses to send marketing emails. A program that delivers and handles email marketing campaigns is known as an email service provider. Email marketing platforms, email marketing tools, and email marketing services are all terms used to describe it.

Technical Requirements for E-mail Marketing Setup 

1.     Requires ESPs

2.     Database of the targeted segment

3.     Newsletter Template

4.     Master Template

The existing database is used to send an email. A database of the targeted audiences needs to be created and linked to ESPs. Email automation and scheduling can be done too. If you are thinking of using Gmail or any other mail service provider and wondering if it works, then the answer is yes it does. You can use your inbox service provider to send mass emails and can easily start email marketing. However, you should be aware that service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook are made for personal use and not for mass email. Therefore, while using these platforms limited email capacity, design, bandwidth, and most critically email deliverability are all likely to cause issues.

5 Business Benefits of using Email Marketing.

One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that you can tailor your material to your audience's specific demands. To improve interaction, your emails may include variants such as alternative graphics or subject lines. It can also help businesses with lead generation, brand recognition, relationship development, and keeping customers engaged between transactions, marketing emails play a critical part in your marketing strategy.

1.     60% or more Improved sales

Compared to social media marketing, email marketing is known to drive 60% more sales and conversion. If you are thinking email marketing is outdated and not implementing it as one of your digital marketing strategies you are missing out.

2. Lead generation

E-mail marketing can generate the proper and useful leads. If your email marketing campaign is a success you can expect a huge amount of lead generation and the good thing is those leads are also most likely to be your conversion. 

3. Relationship Development with customer

Using e-mail newsletters and greetings for connecting with customers has shown to be a proven method. Using email marketing you can directly connect with your customer. Your brand voice is directly delivered to the user’s inbox and it is proven to create a good business relationship with your user. 

4. Customer Retention

Email is a simple, cost-effective, and personalized communication method that can aid in client retention. Indeed, 59% of marketers say that email marketing remains the most effective revenue-generating medium.

5. Drives Genuine Conversion Compared to Social Media Marketing

The first step in creating a customer relationship database is to send an email. It will assist you in nurturing leads, closing sales, and generating recurring business. Email is at least four times more successful than Facebook in reaching your target demographic.


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