Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

‘Marketing Mistakes' is a term that frightens all the digital marketers and brands out there. Since the trend of marketing is ever changing, it's likely that even after thorough research and intensely set digital strategies, marketers and brands are likely to make marketing mistakes. However, you need to be alert as marketing mistakes can result in reputational setbacks.

Here are a few frightening mistakes you should be avoiding:

Neglecting Customer Queries:

While you try to think of new ideas to attract your customers, you forget to do the most important thing- Respond to them! In the midst of thinking about endless marketing campaigns, content creation, generating new leads; you barely have the time to respond to the social media comments, queries, complaints and appreciation. And that’s a Huge Mistake right there! We know that responding to the queries can be overwhelming but one must make it a priority because the sustainability of any business depends on customers’ satisfaction  towards its product/services. We at Pocket Studio have a dedicated team of social media enthusiasts who solely look after this task. Contact us today to get the best Query Handling Services for your business.

Neglecting database maintenance:

One of the main mistakes in marketing is failing to maintain a database of the customers. While you might be dealing with thousands of customers on a daily basis, if you fail to  maintain the database, it is going to cost you heavily. Database will give precise information of your customers’ name, number, purchase details, purchase quantity, preferences that can be used for retargeting existing customers as well as targeting potential customers that are likely to be interested in your business.

Content Creation- Hit or Miss!

We all agree that content creation is as hectic and scarier as anything else in the world. But content creation has become a core part of digital marketing strategy. However, not all the campaigns or content you create is going to be successful. But this should not stop you from executing the best marketing campaigns for your business. If your content fails, don’t panic- rather appreciate it and collect insights from it for future references. However, to minimise the errors, start with defining your audiences, decide what benefit are they seeking from you, and  what value are you willing to offer to them. 

Besides these, some of the other common marketing mistakes are poor messaging skills, poor campaign strategies, targeting wrong audiences, lack of research. We hope this article was helpful for you to achieve dominance in digital marketing. Also, make sure to contact us today to see how we can be of  help!